Singapore must stop abusing Democrats through the courts

Liberall International
20 Sep 06

Liberal International President, Lord Alderdice, has expressed deep dismay at the continued political abuse of power by the Singapore government in its treatment of fellow Liberal Dr Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party, who has been bankrupted through a policy of abuse of the courts to quell legitimate freedom of speech and criticism of the Government.

Lord Alderdice said: ‘This policy, which has also affected other opposition politicians in Singapore and prevented them from communicating actively with colleagues, is intended to intimidate into silence all criticism of an increasingly authoritarian government. Dr Chee has not even been allowed his own choice of lawyer and was not permitted to use the services of Mr Martin Lee QC, an internationally recognised legal authority.

On behalf of the Executive of Liberal International, I urge the Singapore Government to stop these practices of limiting, intimidating and undermining democratic opposition through abuse of the legal system and instead to ensure that Singapore lives up to international standards of justice and democracy.’

Lord Alderdice urged LI member parties and parliamentarians to continue to exert pressure on the Singapore Government by seeking further information on the actions against Dr Chee and his colleagues, by exposing the abuse of the judicial system in Singapore and by doing all possible through their own governments and parliaments as well as international organisations to ensure that Singapore lives up to international standards of justice and democracy.

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