Schedule of court cases involving SDP’s leaders

23 Aug 06

The next several days will be filled with court cases between the PAP and SDP. The matters come in a flurry and leads one to wonder why everything is packed into the short period.

25 Oct (Wed, 9 am, Sub Court No. 25)
Trial of Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Gandhi Ambalam, and Mr Yap Keng Ho. The three have been charged for speaking in a public area without a valid permit.

30 Oct (Mon, 9 am, Sub Court No. 23)

Dr Chee Soon Juan charged with attempting to leave Singapore without permission from the Official Assignee. Dr Chee had applied for a permit to attend the 4th Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in Turkey in Apr 06. The Official Assignee, however, would not give an answer. The case will be set for mention on 30 Oct.

31 Oct (Tue, High Court Registrar, 2:30 pm)

Pre-trial conference for the hearing for assessment of damages in the lawsuit of Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong v SDP, Chee Siok Chin, Chee Soon Juan.

31 Oct (Tue, 9 High Court, 9 am)
Taxation of the Bill of Costs by the Attorney-General in the application take by Chee Siok and Chee Soon Juan to stop the unconstitutional summary judgment hearing for the Lees.

3 Nov (Fri, 3 Nov, High Court)
Bankruptcy hearing by the Attorney-General against Ms Chee Siok Chin, Ms Monica Kumar, and Mr Yap Keng Ho for not being able to pay the cost of the hearing against the Home Affairs Minister and Police Commissioner over the protest oustide the CPF Building in Aug 05.

In addition, the first hearing of the Lees v FEER lawsuit will be heard in the High Court on 25 October 06.

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