Diary of the Night vigil VII

Chee Siok Chin
30 Nov 06

It has been a week since the first evening we held vigil for our three imprisoned democracy advocates. The nightly congregation we have held outside the prison have become a cosy gathering of people who turn up to show their support for democracy in Singapore. Many whom we had never met came to give us encouragement, feedback and gifts.

A young man who joined us said that he was hesitant about turning up and being seen there. He ended up spending almost the entire evening with us.

We decided to carry out the vigil not only as an expression of our support for democracy. We know that there are many Singaporeans who feel strongly for the injustice that is happening around us. Perhaps you feel frustrated and isolated. This is a little physical space we have created for those of us who tired of being rendered helpless to come together. Joining us at the vigil is a way that we can get together to talk, discuss and even debate issues.

If we don’t take the initial step towards acting on our beliefs in spite of fear, we will always allow our fears to control us. We will remain inert and feel trapped by the conflicts within us.

We cannot claim ownership to our country if we continue to allow our fears to cripple us.

Although almost all our activities are merely known and restricted to the internet community, this is an important avenue over the PAP-controlled mainstream media that always spare no efforts in branding our proactive actions as “confrontational”.

The fact that we are just like any other Singaporeans except that we are not easily cowed, the responsibility is upon us to spread the message as widely as possible and keep emphasizing our basic rights of freedom of speech.

I hope to see you at the vigils.

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