Mr Ambalam Released and Dr Chee back to Queenstown prison

Mr Gandhi Ambalam was released just before 10am on Thursday, 7 December 2006. He was met by his family and friends outside the prison. Mr Ambalam had served 15 days in prison for speaking in public without a permit.

He had tried to see Dr Chee and Mr Yap while all three were in prison to discuss the appeal for this conviction. They were however, prevented from seeing each other. It is understood that the prison authorities were careful that Dr Chee, Mr Ambalam and Mr Yap did not mingle with prisoners except those who shared their cells. Mr Ambalam had told the court before his sentencing that no prison sentence will deter him from standing up for justice, freedom and rights in Singapore.

The family of Dr Chee Soon Juan was informed yesterday that he had been discharged from Changi General Hospital and is currently back in Queenstown Prison.

The hospital doctor said that he had undergone a series of non-invasive medical tests and has found him well enough to be discharged. He is, however scheduled to see a urologist.

The family was also told that Dr Chee has eaten the meals provided by the hospital. When asked if he had found any “unusual” substances in Dr. Chee’s urine, the hospital doctor said that he did not consider the possibility of the presence of this substance and therefore did not run the specific urine tests to ascertain this. When asked if a doctor conduct an independent urine test on Dr Chee, the prison authorities advised that the family should “write in for this unusual request.”

Friends, supporters and well-wishers are invited to join the vigil each Friday evening from 7pm. The Friday night vigil will continue until the last of the three men is released

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