Dr Chee Soon Juan to be released

Secretary general of SDP, Dr Chee Soon Juan will be released on Saturday,16 December 2006 from Queenstown Remand Prison. He is expected to leave prison grounds before 10am.

Dr Chee was hospitalized for four days during his incarceration. During this time, a few medical tests were done on him. The family has written in to the prison authorities to request for the results.

Five days after his release, Dr Chee will face another trial. On 21 December, he will be tried for attempting to leave the country without official permission to attend a World Movement for Democracy (WMD) conference held in April this year.

The WMD Steering Committee condemned the charges leveled against Dr Chee. It said, “These actions and charges give the appearance of orchestrated efforts to restrain Dr Chee in his efforts to advance democracy in Singapore.” To read the full statement, go to http://www.singaporedemocrat.org/articlewmdcsj.html

Dr Chee was visited by his wife and children on 11 December. He will address the issue of his treatment and condition during his imprisonment when he is released.

Well-wishers and supporters are welcomed to join friends and family outside Queenstown Prison on 16 December at 9.30am.

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