CSJ appeals to OA to travel to Taiwan to see ailing father-in-law

28 February 2007

Official Assignee
URA Centre
45 Maxwell Road #06-11
Singapore 069118

Fax: 63251417

Dear Sir,

I wish to appeal your decision rejecting my application to travel to Taiwan next month to see my father-in-law whose health is deteriorating rapidly due to his heart condition.

My children have also not seen him for the last year-and-a-half. It would be extremely difficult for my wife to single-handedly take care of them on such a long journey especially when they are at such young ages. The journey will take a total of 15 hours or more as we have to do it via Tokyo. This is because we are using free-miles tickets. For obvious reasons my presence is needed.

I have also indicated that I would not be incurring my own personal expenses for the trip. As such, please reconsider your decision.


Chee Soon Juan

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