S’pore says it is holding 39 people for terrorism, espionage involvement

Tanalee Smith
Associated Press
10 Apr 07

Singapore is holding 39 people for involvement in terrorism and espionage, the government said Monday, April 9.

Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng told Parliament that the 39 are being held under the Internal Security Act, which allows for arrest without charge and indefinite detention without trial.

“They were detained for involvement in terrorism and espionage,” Wong said. “A few of the cases have not been publicized. This is because publicity can compromise ongoing operations, or seriously harm national interests.”

He said the cases were approved by Cabinet and the president.

Answering a separate question, Wong said 10 members of Jemaah Islamiyah remained in detention from arrests in December 2001, when the group allegedly plotted to blow up the US Embassy, a US naval facility and other Western targets in the island nation.

Three others were released after cooperating in the investigation and being rehabilitated, Wong said.

He said the 10 had taken part in terrorist training and armed jihad.

“Several of them continue to hold on to the core JI belief that Muslims and non-Muslims cannot live in harmony. They also believe in the establishment of an Islamic state through violent means,” Wong said. “Rehabilitation, including religious counseling, for these detainees is ongoing. Their cases are regularly reviewed.”

It was not clear if the 10 Jemaah Islamiyah detainees were included among the 39 held under the Internal Security Act.

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