If you’re angry about the ministerial pay hike, come to the forum

12 Apr 07

If you find the ministers’ pay hike utterly revolting, tomorrow is your chance to express your feelings. Your presence at the public forum will send a message to the PAP about how unhappy Singaporeans are.

The worse thing that can happen is for Singaporeans to get angry and then do nothing about it. Send an unmistakable message to the Prime Minister and the cabinet that they cannot do as they please without taking into consideration the views of the people. Your presence at the forum will make a big difference.

Dr Chee Soon Juan will also provide irrefutable evidence on how the PAP’s economic strategy is dragging down Singapore’s overall performance and how the fabric of our nation is being ripped apart society has been cheated of not only its political rights, but also its socio-economic progress.

So if you’re a Singaporean and you care about your future and the future of this nation, make your way down to the Sheraton Towers, Scotts Road tomorrow at 7 pm (Opal Ballroom). There are plenty of reasons for you to be there.

At the same time, come hear what the European parliamentarians have to say about their experiences with human rights and what Europe is doing to aid in the development of global democracy. It is also an excellent opportunity to let the speakers know about the repression in Singapore.

During their visit the ALDE-CALD delegation will meet with Deputy Speaker and Chairperson of the Parliamentary committee of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Ms Indranee Rajah, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower, Mr Hawazi Daipi, and PAP MP, Mr Michael Palmer.

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