Batman, Superman…and Now CSJ

Batman, Superman…and Now CSJ

Since young I had always admired super heroes for their bravery, extraordinary powers and might. No matter how much the evil villains tortured them, the super heroes always managed to overcome all odds and annihilate the evil villains. Topping the list are Batman and Superman. At home bath towels used to become my cape and party masks became my superhero masks.

In Batman, the people of Gotham City thought that batman was the bad guy that they had to deal with. This was largely due to the evil villain’s foul play. However only over many incidents, the town began to understand that batman was the good fellow.

Very similarly, in Superman, some people in the town thought he was causing all the disaster. And slowly they began to realize that whenever something tragic occured, Superman was always there to help.

In both Batman and Superman, the identities of the superheroes were never made to be public. They neither got recognition from the press nor the people of the town. On the same note they were not individuals who wanted their identity to be sealed forever, for fear it may no longer then serve the people as it always did.

The only constant other than change was the “good” the people enjoyed.

In Singapore at present, we all can hail the one and only Dr Chee Soon Juan for his bravery, extraordinary powers and might similar to that of the superheroes I mentioned in the latter with very different meanings.

With his courage to stand up for Singaporeans, CSJ has proved to be a man with the courage to fight despite all odds against the regime. Bearing in mind the harsh ramifications that may follow through his actions, he is still courageous enough to fight against unjust laws. Despite being bankrupted his bravery empowers him and the people around him further.

With the use of non-violent civil action, CSJ has equaled the great Mahatma of India to cause change. No other leader in Singapore has ever considered this method of causing effective political change in a society. Through his actions he has empowered Singaporeans by means of realizing their civil liberties. Exercising one’s civil rights seems to be the most extraordinary power in Singapore.

CSJ’s determination and faith in the people is by far the most powerful energy one can possess. His determination in democratizing the city-state grows more and more as he is being incarcerated. The faith he has in Singaporeans never seem to die despite all the criticisms and sarcasm he had faced in the online forums and websites.

My admiration for Superheroes grew more and more over the years transcending into my young adult life too. The only difference I began to notice were in the shifts of my interests from cartoon characters to real life people. From Batman and Superman to Chee Soon Juan.


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