Democracy has its weakness

Dr Chee Soon Juan,

All governments in the world have their deficiencies. Power corrupts and whoever gets voted into power will ultimately get corrupted. Isn’t this not the truth? Take the case of President Bush and his cronies. Why would the US want to engage in a war in Iraq? For democracy? To free the people of Iraq from their authoritarian leader, Saddam? I say it’s bullshit! It is all for the vested interests in oil and the $multi-million or $billion contracts in Iraq that will ultimately benefit the Bush cronies. Ah…but the US army is slowly feeling the pain like in Vietnam because the insurgents are demoralising the fighting capabilites of the US. Who are the Bushes cronies? It is an open secret.

So why do you Dr Chee work so hard to fight for freedom in Singapore? For human rights? Because you graduated from the US and is enlightened by the word democracy? Because you have been merited with so many awards internationally? Because you care for every soul on the streets of Singapore? Because you care for the poor and needy? Or is it because you care more for your own selfish interests?

If it is not your innate desire to be the next leader in Singapore for your own selfish interests, then I say you must be Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ reborned. They were the only true leaders who are selfless and virtuous. The leaders of today and tomorrow are by-products of democracy myths. They are there for their own vested interests, first, to enrich themselves as much as possible and second, to carry out their own agendas in social engineering.

Democracy means the voice of the majority right? Which is precisely why it fails. Because the voice of the majority so often snuffs out the minority rights. So what happens when Dr Chee becomes the voice of the majority? Will you hear the voices of the minority? And if you don’t, will there not be the next Dr Chee to challenge you and what then would you do? Invite him to your palace to discuss how to solve the problem? Won’t you do the same as the PAP govt?

So what do the words “democracy” and “human rights” actually mean? Are they not mythical words only? Perhaps you would care to explain all this since you are so vocal in human rights and have earned quite a number of posthumous awards internationally?


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