Forced donations

As a child of a staff who is working in East View Secondary School, I was shocked when my parent told me that he has to raise $200 for the school funds raising


According to my father, it was made relatively clear that each staff is expected to fulfill the minimum requirements of $200.

He is afraid that by not doing so, will affect his career (since his appraisal is vetted by the school).

Without much social interaction, no doubt my father will have to fork out the $200 on his own.

Why do staffs/students been issued with the donation cards when they do not want them in the first place? I can’t imagine the clerks who might be earning $1000 per month been asked for the same requirements.

I hope that the authority is able to look into the correct ways of approaching funds raising and pass them onto the schools or any other organization.


cc. Ministry of Education

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