It is enlightening

Dear Dr. Chee & friends,

I read with great interest each day on new articles that are posted on your official website. It certainly gives us another perspective to various problems in Singapore.

I am no wiser and do not know what is truth anymore. Everyone seems to be claiming to tell nothing but the truth. Truth, yes, but from whose perspective?

There are a few issues (not complete) that I would like to raise.

(1) Everybody makes mistakes with the exception of GOD. Therefore, isn’t it equally true that as citizens of a particular country we should accept that each policy made must be for the good of the majority. Therefore there are some, perhaps, like myself may be the unfortunate minority.

(2) There are bigger issues in life than just politics and democracy. I apologise if I do appear to be belittle your cause Please don’t because I do admire your courage. If we as humans can see beyond colour, race, religion and creed, we will be living like the ‘communal communist’. It would be great. Unfortunately the world is not so.

(3) The world is strange place with many strange bedfellows. Take for instance, the environmental issues. Industrial Revolution, the greatest polluters, USA and Britain. Now, the WEST is accusing the EAST for lack of initiatives in controlling environmental pollution. Who did not want to sign the Kyoto agreement. Which country have performed the most number of nuclear tests in the thousands? You must know that radiation don’t go away that quickly. Believe me, we are still breathing the nuclear test performed by US in the backyard of New Zealand. Which country violated UN security council and intrude on another countries sovereignty (Iraq) and failing to find any weapons of mass destruction? Which country is promoting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – do you recall Taiwan budget for weapons? Which President denies the existences of secret detention camps but was later found to be lies? etc. (the list to long to type).

If you can be so forgiving and turn a blind eye to these personalities that claim bring democracy to the world then why can we be a little more forgiving to the people who brought Singapore from almost nothing to everything we got now. That are many issues that I personally do not agree but I do understand that sometimes things are done for a reason. A case in point, Temasek, near secret accountability. Yes, it belongs to the people but you must also know that it is a company after all. Therefore, one would not expect a company exposing its weakness to the whole world.

Perhaps Singapore needs time to reach your ‘NIRVANA’ and forcing the issue may not be the answer as there are so many before you that have lost theirs.

I do appreciate your writing.


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