SDP losing focus

You should be doing more on Local issue or else you will never win a single seat in the election. Don’t waste time on Africans at Nigeria for drug trafficking.

The people vote PAP for the LAW AND ORDER.

The people don’t vote PAP For the increase of “FT” until local find themselves out of jobs and either cut their pay, lowly pay. Unable to support themselves. Cannot afford to have more kids, marriage, etc. Over-populated in such a small Singapore. 4.5 million, 1.1 million PR with no election vote. 900,000 for work-permit holder. etc. 2.5 million Singaporean is your target.

Numbers in rally don’t count as I see on that day. People can be there like watching A FOOTBALL MATCH. The one REALLY voting are sleeping at home on that day by looking at the lights in the homes of the HDB just at 7pm of the day.


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