Thumbs up for SDP

Dear Dr Chee and SDP members,

I would like show my appreciation for the work that you have done in raising awareness of Singapore’s political scene.

Good job for organising the indoor forum at a time when the public is very dissatisfied with the ruling parties insensitivity in raising the pay of top civil servants by such a large percentage.

There is no avenue to show our displeasure except in the online forums. The indoor forum is a great chance to highlight the citizens’ displeasure. As usual, many PAP MPs speak only for themselves and not as a representative of the people under their constituencies.

Keep up with the good work. Your efforts are appreciated by many Singaporeans. Thank you. YEO SH

Dear SDP,

I would like thank you for your continued fight for basic rights speech and freedom for fellow Singaporeans like myself. “Expressing one’s opinion should be a GOD given right without fear. It is only through opinions that forms dialogue and hence progress for a person and for a nation.” Keep up the good work. Regards, your overseas Singaporean,


Hello SDP,

I must applaud Dr. Chee’s efforts to democratize Singapore. Being an underdog myself, i can relate to his passion to level the ‘fami-leeism’ landscape in Singapore.

But, while passion is one thing that drives you, i don’t think it should ‘over-drive’ us, as passion implies emotions and emotions hazes clear and logical thinking.

My intention of writing you is to make some suggestions on your brilliant website.

With your News and Articles: fair enough that you have them posted on the cover page, but I think it would be great to have the old news and articles posted in some Archives sub-section. The reason being? Why dump those materials out of sight, when those materials are just as fascinating, and people keen in researching, like me, can access them.


SDP: Past news and articles can be retrieved by clicking on ‘News Archive’ or ‘Website Classic’ on the menu bar.

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