Unfair treatment of Singaporeans

Here is a letter that I had sent to Straits Times, which they refused to publish. Well, I am not exactly surprised at their refusal. Anyway, I hope you can make use of it, be it an issue to raise or something creative that will illustrate the unfair treatments

of Singaporeans in our oppressive regime.

I also have an idea for which I need some advices. I had been thinking of creating a website, which primary purpose is for voting. The intended audience will be Singaporeans. Whatever policies that the government want to implement, we can put it to votes for the online community. Each person can only vote once, either for, against, or netural on each issue. This way we can see what Singaporean really want, rather than the “surveys” or “statistics” published by SPH. Programming the site, database and hosting is not a problem. What I need to know, if you will kindly advise, is how I can structure it so that it will be deemed non-political?


P.S I had never and will never ever consider voting for PAP in my life until the day comes when they dare to fight a fair fight during election. I believe that the power of the government is given by the people to do good for the people, and certainly this is not the way it is now.

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