Report on SDP’s Walking for Workers

Under the light rain, Ms Chee Siok Chin and Dr Chee Soon Juan began their May Day walk from Speakers' Corner at 6:40 am on 29 Apr 07. 29 Apr 07 (Sun), 1:00pm

Under the light rain, Ms Chee Siok Chin and Dr Chee Soon Juan started their May Day walk from Speakers’ Corner at 6:40 am. So far, they have walked for 6.5 hours and covered about 28 Kilometers.

The rain had stopped and the sun is out. They took a short meal & toilet break.

Presently, they are at the Jurong Town Hall Road, walking towards Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak and Choa Chu Kang. Then, they will continue to head north to Woodland.

29 Apr 07 (Sun), 4:30pm

Ms Chee and Dr Chee are at the Choa Chu Kang Way, on route to Woodland. They will probably be taking a break there.

They have walked for 10 hours and covered about 36 Kilometers.

29 Apr 07 (Sun), 8:00pm

The two May Day walkers are currently taking a dinner break at Choa Chu Kang North. They have completed about 11 hours’ walk of almost 40 Kilometers by now.

They met with a group of supporters and had dinner together.

They met with a group of supporters and had dinner together.29 Apr 07 (Sun), 9.30 pm

The walk was resumed and the walkers headed to Woodland. They ended up in Yishun at 2:00 am.

Their night was spent resting in the car parked somewhere near Northpoint.

30 Apr 07 (Mon), 7:00 am

Ms Chee and Dr Chee started their second day of May Day walk with the sun shinning in the sky. They made their way to Ang Mo Kio.

As they walked, they gave out leaflets [English] [Chinese] about Ministers’ pays vesus Workers’ salaries.

The walk was resumed and the walkers headed to Woodland. 30 Apr 07 (Mon), 12:00 pm

A gruelling day for the walkers as the sun is getting hotter at noon and their feet are inflicted with blisters. However, they will press on and keep up with the schedule.

They are presently at Hougang. By now, they have completed about 20 hours’ walk and covered about 70 Kilometers.

30 Apr 07 (Mon), 4:00 pm

The walkers just came from Punggol and reached Bedok Reservoir Rd. They will continue to proceed to Tampines and Pasir Ris.

They have completed about 20 hours' walk and covered about 70 Kilometers.30 Apr 07 (Mon), 6:00 pm

Presently, the walkers are at Tampines heading towards Loyang and Pasir Ris, before they proceed to Simei and Bedok.

They have been on the road for the past 36 hours.

30 Apr 07 (Mon), 8:00 pm

At the moment, Ms Chee and Dr Chee have reached Pasir Ris. They are heading to Upper Changi Road. They are looking to a stop at the Bedok Swimming pool to fresh up, rest and have dinner around that area.

They are rather tired after covering about 80 Kilometers of the journey.

30 Apr 07 (Mon), 9:30 pm

The walkers stopped and rest for the day at Bedok.

1 May 07 (Tue), 6:00 am

Ms Chee and Dr Chee set off in a heavy downpour early this morning. They have been walking nonstop since.

Presently, they are at Waterloo Street and will be heading for Hong Lim Park afterwards.

1 May 07 (Tue), 12:45 pm

Finally, the 2 May Day walkers made it to Hong Lim Park, holding up the SDP flag between them as they entered the Speakers’ Corner.

“One day, I’ll get there we’ll all get there.”

“Don’t think that democracy is just an idea. The young must fight for democracy, not only with their minds but their whole body, arms, legs, everything. Whether you are at home or outside, do not fail to publicise democracy.”

— Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Indonesian writer detained on Buru Island by Suharto for 14 years

(Above quote taken from Dr Chee Soon Juan’s book, To Be Free:Stories from Asia’s Struggle against Oppression, published in 1998.)

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