Singapore’s dancing ministers

Singapore’s dancing ministers
4 May 07

While Lee Hsien Loong (left) prances on stage and celebrates his pay rise with fellow ministers Lim Boon Heng (centre with jacket) and Lim Swee Say (right), watch how the poor in Singapore live (below; posted by sgpolitics).

Pay particular attention to the young Malay family and the little girl towards the end of the video who have been left homeless under the system devised by the dancing ministers.

After this, get an online copy of A Nation Cheated and learn the real cause of the suffering of these people and where this nation is headed for if we carry on like this. [Click here to order]

The biggest tragedy is that such depravity can be easily prevented, if only Singaporeans would find the courage to stand up to these minister. We can stop this. Get in touch with the SDP at

[Click here to view video]

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