Most workers in Singapore stressed-out, survey finds

07 May 07

Chinese workers suffer the most work-related stress in Asia, followed closely by those in Singapore, a survey published Thursday found.

The recruiting firm Hudson surveyed more than 2,400 employment decision-makers in Asia and found that 53 per cent of employees in China reported being stressed as the country undergoes rapid economic development, according to findings published in The Business Times.

Singapore followed close behind at 52 per cent and Japan was the lowest at 35 per cent.

Singapore had the lowest proportion of respondents reporting a fall in work-related stress over the past year, the report added.

Stress levels for employees in Singapore are rising because of rapid increases in workloads that have prompted more firms to plan additional hiring in the second quarter, the survey indicated.

‘Singapore has a higher proportion of respondents saying that the increase in work volume is the key driver of stress levels than any other market survey in Asia,’ the report said. ‘Demand for talented staff if outstripping supply in many areas.’

The Hudson Report also found that a majority of Asian business leaders intend to hire more staff.

Fifty-six per cent plan to increase their staff from April to June, compared with 52 per cent during the second quarter of 2006.

Sixty-two per cent of the respondents in the information technology and telecommunications sector said they would hire more staff this quarter.

Fifty-nine per cent of respondents in the banking and financial services sector also said they intend to increase their head count.

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