Deeply moved by your unwavering and resolute stand of defiance

Greetings, SDP

I have been following the posts on the party website with great interest and I must add that that I am deeply moved by your unwavering, resolute stand of defiance in the face of adversity by the ruling PAP machinations to stifle the voice of freedom.

You have done Singapore a true service. You redefine the meaning of citizenship in this Sheep City where the iconic Merlion has been a blatant lie. You are definitely, lions, not sheep like the many apathetic Singaporeans.

At one point of my life I actually believed that no one in Singapore could rise and stand up to question the authoritarians! You did! Just like the few who has done it like Dr Chee.

March on! Do not falter! The time has come. The PAP is losing it. Whether or not they choose to charge any of you is of no consequence. More will come and join you. Even I, most certainly will!

Our numbers are increasing, believe me. Do not lose hope. everything that we’d hope for has been set in motion. Carpe diem, my friends, my fellow dear Singaporeans. I pray that you will be kept from harm.

God bless you all.


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