I used to be a PAP supporter

Dear SDP,

I used to be a PAP supporter, listening to what crap that they were saying and believing it. After snapping back to reality and seeing what damn bloody things that the PAP government is doing, I realise otherwise.

In other words, they’re just power hungry insensitive, control freaked & greedy. We the people of Singapore are suffering working & slobbing all day and all night and they’re just enjoying what we earn. In fact, they’re living on our earnings.

For example, COE??.. We already bought for a car, and we still pay the government to own our own car?.. What bloody nonsense?.. Well, there’s lots more & it’ll juz never seem to end as long as there’s a “Pay And Pay” government. I have finally learned to respect and appreciate Dr Chee and his brave and excellent team in their quest to freedom in Singapore.

But unfortunately, in Singapore, we can only be silent supporters. Our hearts and future votes are with you. All the best, keep up the good fight & thank you very much. We believe that you can & will make a difference and deliver the proper meaning of our pledge. Go SDP!!


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