Motivated by the stunningly well written article by M Ravi

Dear friends at SDP,

Greetings from London. I am motivated by the stunningly well written article by M Ravi on the 7 May 07 to write to you to thank and congratulate you for that. I want you to know that this article has been circulated around the internet and has reached me in London today.

I am an ex-Singaporean who has taken British citizenship and has renounced my Singaporean nationality; I am still interested in what goes on in Singapore as the rest of my family still lives there (despite my valiant efforts to tell them to emigrate). I am just totally sick and tired of the way Singapore is, and instead of waiting for change to happen like watching paint dry in Singapore, I have emigrated to the West instead in search of greener pastures. It’s not just the PAP, but more the political apathy and attitudes of ordinary Singaporeans that sickened me.

Your article gives me hope that one day, Singapore may have a genuine democracy and a progressive, enlightened society.


London, UK

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