The present PAP does nothing but reap the rewards of its predecessors

Dear SDP,

When I was a few years younger, I began to show a vague interest in politics, but it has grown stronger over the years. I had begun to feel even more interested in my parents’ anti-PAP conversations over meals, and at school, when my teachers start talking about the government, I feel the adrenalin (I know this sounds silly, but it’s true).

The thing is, most of my friends are politically apathetic, and I get irritated when they show no interest, or when they simply just don’t get it. But I don’t blame them. After all, years of propaganda (Media, School) have already deluded them into thinking that they, or rather, we ought to show gratitude to the PAP. In nearly all of my “political debates” with my friends, one point never fails to be brought up by them, and that is: Look at what the PAP has done for us, don’t you think we ought to be grateful? Compare our country with India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka etc.

They never seem to get that, well no doubt, the PAP HAD done a lot, but the people of Singapore (my grandparents’ generation) deserve more credit. More importantly, the PRESENT PAP isn’t made up of octogenerians. The ones that truly put in hard work are long gone. Claiming all the credit – LKY. The present PAP does nothing but reap the rewards of its predecessors.

I apologise for my long-winded complaints, but what I want you to know is, that I really admire your courage and all you do, and I do NOT believe that your efforts are futile, contrary to what many people think. I really want to join your party when I’m older, but then again, I don’t want to be directly involved in politics, because it isn’t my forte, and I do have other aspirations. What I do wish to do though, is to help you guys in whatever way I can.

God bless and all the best!


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