Commemorate National Day and SDP’s 27th Anniversary with the Singapore Democrats

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Another National Day is fast approaching.

Have you stopped, in the midst of the mindless, feel-good jingles of the PAP Government, to ask what it really means to be a citizen of this country and what exactly is it that we celebrate?

If it is the independence from the British that we rejoice over, do we enjoy any of the rights and freedoms that such independence is supposed to have given us?

Or has power merely been passed from the Caucasian hand to an Asian one without regard for the views of the people they rule?

After the fireworks and the flag-waving fade away, what lies in store for us as a people as we careen headlong into the future with PAP policies undebated and unscrutinized?

The Singapore Democrats cordially invite you to our dinner on 18 Aug 07, Saturday, at 7 pm to commemorate the National Day period in a spirit befitting our political situation.

It is also our anniversary. We turn 27 come August.

The after-dinner discussion on the questions mentioned above will help us get input from you as to how we can build on our mission to bring democracy to our country.

But it won’t be all just business for all work and no play makes SDP a dull party. The evening will have its fair share of fun as we have games and quizzes planned, complete with prizes.

In addition, we have invited some luminaries from Singapore’s opposition. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet them up close and personal.

So come and support the Party that has been speaking up and fighting for you. We have taken the PAP’s lashes and yet we stand unflinching in the cause of freedom and justice for our people.

Join us for a meaningful evening and give us your support as we soldier on.

See you on 18 Aug!


Singapore Democratic Party

Your voice, your party

Event: National Day cum SDP 27th Anniversary Dinner

Date: 18 Aug 07, Saturday

Time: 7:00 pm

Ticket: $15 per person (no charge for children under 12)

To attend: Please email us at to register (for catering purposes) and we will provide you further details

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