Defy them

Ask them for bread and they give you stone. This is what has happened to the activists who went to the Judiciary to seek protection of their constitutional rights (see AG to make activists bankrupt).

The Judge chided them for “casting doubt” on public institutions. Now the AG is out to make them bankrupt.

Can things be any worse? Yes – if we submissively accept the matter as closed.

But we are citizens, not sheep. And citizens do not have to accept everything – or anything – the government tells us, especially when we know it to be untrue and unjust.

As citizens, we are duty-bound to remain defiant in the face of oppression, to wrest back our rights when they have been robbed from us, and to speak up even more loudly when heavy hands try to silence us.

How can we go about it?

For a start, let’s get together next Saturday, 18 Aug, to commemorate National Day and SDP’s 27th Anniversary. It is an appropriate time to reflect on what it means to be a citizen of Singapore and to renew our pledge to fight for freedom for our country.

It is also a good opportunity to rally behind some of the human rights defenders who continue to stand up and speak up.

There are two kinds of people: those who cower before oppression and those who defy it. The quickest way to defeat authoritarianism is to increase the ranks of the latter every time a repressive measure is taken.

Conversely, the best way to encourage despotism is to submit to it.

So if you care about this nation of ours and want it to become one that is free and just, then join us for a truly special and meaningful National Day gathering. Come and be with the people who care, the people who dare.

Event: National Day cum SDP 27th Anniversary Dinner
Date: 18 Aug 07, Saturday
Time: 7:00 pm
Ticket: $15 per person (no charge for children under 12)
To attend: Please email us at to register (for catering purposes) and we will provide you further details

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