Extremely appalled by the judge’s sentencing of Dr Chee

Dear SDP, Dr. Chee and family,

I am extremely appalled by the judge’s sentencing of Dr Chee.

Having read that he had been jailed for Five times and still going strong really touched me a lot and got me even motivated and inspired in my stand of promoting and supporting democracy and human rights in Singapore.

He truly is a nation’s hero and I sincerely wish him the best in his quest. He devoted his life to Singapore by standing tall and staying strong to his beliefs, and no real words could be used to describe our gratitude and salutation to him.

I could only pray that he got released from jail sooner and that Singaporeans could really get out of their comfort zone and appreciate what is truly being fought for them – Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Respect.

Once again, I wish you all well and thank you.


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