Erratum: ACSC III preparatory meeting on this Saturday 29 Sep 07, not 29 Oct

The forum in preparation for the third ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC III) will be held this Saturday, 29 Sep 07 and not 29 Oct 07 as previously announced. We apologise for the error.

29 Sep 07, Sat
Catholic Welfare Service Building, 2nd Floor
55 Waterloo Street

The ACSC III, scheduled to be held from 2-4 Nov 07, is an event for civil societies across the region to come together to discuss and map out plans to engage ASEAN.

The meeting this Saturday will discuss preparations for the ACSC III. As you can see, peoples from our neighbouring ASEAN countries have been busy organising themselves and pushing for greater openness and human rights in the region.

And yet, Singaporeans know little about these developments and as a result have not been able to benefit from the activities that have been bubbling in the region. The ACSC III is also trying to reach out to Singaporeans and to understand the Singaporean situation better.

So this is your chance to get even more involved in the process of opening up Singapore and ASEAN, and get to know what our counterparts are doing.

For those who attended the public forum last Sunday at Allson Hotel, the meeting this Saturday at the Catholic Welfare Service Building will build on the effort to push for greater civil and political space in Singapore.

Information may have been scarce, but not anymore. As you can see from the objectives of the ACSC III enumerated here, there should be no more excuses to not get actively involved.

Don’t just complain, don’t just get angry – get involved. Make sure you avail yourself at the forum this Saturday.

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