Sign letter of protest outside Burmese embassy

Singaporeans are urged to go to the Burmese embassy to sign letters of protest. One of the letters is addressed to Ambassador U Win Myint and the other to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (see below).

SDP Chairman Gandhi Ambalam and Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan will be stationed outside the Burmese Embassy at 15 St Martin’s Drive, Singapore 257996 (opposite the Tanglin Shopping Mall) the whole of tomorrow, Sunday, 30 Sep 07 starting at 12 noon to receive petitioners.

The SDP leaders will also conduct a vigil at the venue tomorrow night in solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters.

We urge Singaporeans to come to the stand at St Martin’s Drive and sign the letter to register your support for the Burmese people and to stand together with them at this time of need. We need action, not just words.

Letter 1

30 September 2007

U Win Myint
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

Dear Sir,

It is with disgust that we learn about the murderous assault on the Burmese people by your dictatorship in Rangoon. The wanton shooting and killing of peaceful demonstrators by the military junta has brought new meaning to the word depravity.

Instead of entering into a dialogue with the citizens to resolve the crisis in Burma through peaceful means, the military junta is unleashing violence to quell the People Power that has taken firm root in the country.

We, the undersigned, therefore and hereby call upon the SPDC to immediately

– cease all brutal acts against unarmed, peaceful protesters, including Buddhist monks who are at the forefront of the present largest democracy uprising in 20 years,

– release from detention the National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners and monks who have been detained,

– enter into a dialogue with NLD and other ethnic minority groups to diffuse the explosive situation in order to restore democracy,

– convene parliament and hand over power to the elected representatives in the 1990 elections.

We believe that a just and lasting solution to turmoil presently enveloping Burma can only be found by implementing the above demands. We deliver this message to you on behalf and in solidarity with the people of Burma who have suffered long enough.


Letter 2

30 September 2007

Mr Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

It has been widely documented that the Singapore Government sells arms and military equipment to the military junta in Burma.

Chartered Industries and Allied Ordnance, companies controlled by Temasek Holdings are reported to be involved in such business. We, the undersigned, ask the Government to declare whether it has sold or transhipped arms and ammunition to Burma in the past and, more important, whether it is still doing so.

It is unimaginable that the weapons used by the soldiers to gun down peaceful protesters and monks in Burma are manufactured by Singapore. We do not want Singaporean hands stained by the blood of innocent and oppressed people of Burma.

In addition, the Government continues to stonewall about whether it is doing business linked with druglords in Burma. Apart from the immorality of the business, revenue from the trafficking of narcotics in Burma find their way into the pockets of the military rulers.

For the sake of doing the right thing we also demand to know whether GLCs are doing business in Burma. If they are, they should pull out immediately.

At this time of crisis, we should do everything we can to help the Burmese people instead of exploiting their misery for profit.


This website will post updates of the letter-signing and when the letters will be handed over.

p.s. Dr Chee Soon Juan , Mr Gandhi Ambalan, Ms Chee Siok Chin and others will be staying outside of the Myanmar Embassy until tomorrow (1 Oct, Monday). Come to sign the petition, and join us for an overnight vigil by lighting up a candle for the courageous Burmese people.

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