Singapore government adds to Myanmar oppression

Below is a letter received by the SDP from members of the Burmese community in Singapore.

To: Commonder
Tanglin Police Division
Singapore Police Force

Dear Sir,

The world has been witnessing the brutal bloodshed on the street of Myanmar by armed soldiers and police towards helpless citizens and monks. Many lives including a Japanese photojournalist have been taken away brutally, and many including a Singaporeans have been attacked an injuries ruthlessly.

Any human person who watches these appalling turn of events, would pain to gather with those who have been severely beaten to death. Myannmar citizens living around the world have lost concentration on their daily activities, As their focus is now on the news and all the TV news channels, radio, the internet news, and blogs updating every minutes or hour as event turn ugly.

World leaders including those from ASEAN and even Singapore have condemned the use of brutal force on unarmed civilians. People of different races and nationalities have come together to protest in front of Myanmar Embassies around the world.

In Singapore, it is an exception. We accept the fact that demonstration and anti-government rallies are not allowed, and we take these things in our stride, but are we not allowed to follow the news coverage on TV, newspapers, the internet or through SMSes? And are we to be barred from expressing our support and solidarity for the people who has been peacefully marching for freedom, and are now been savagely beaten and killed in Myanmar?

Recently, Myanmar national working and shopping in Peninsula Plaza had complained of plain clothed police entering their shops and even stopping them from surfing the net or viewing the blogs that cover ongoing events in Myanmar. In another incident, a youth wearing “Stop the Bloodshed” T-shirt was asked to removed it on the spot.

All Myanmar citizens have been suppressed and have lived under constant fear all their lives because of the iron grip of Myanmar authority. If the Singapore Police Force acting in similar manner by trying to intimidate Myanmar citizens living in Singapore, prohibiting us from surfing the internet on our own computers in our own shops surmounts to a violation of our human rights?

We would like to appeal to you to look in to this matter and empathize with those Myanmar citizens whose hands are tied in Singapore but cry out in pain watching their fellow citizens been gunned down and beaten to death.

One of your citizens have been injured – how do you feel? Thousand of us have died before and are dying now will continue dying. We seek your understanding in this matter at this crucial and painful period, and direct your subordinate not to intimidate peace-loving

Myanmar citizens who have been working hard and contributing ti the Singapore economy.

God Bless,

Best regards,
The concerned citizens of Myanmar

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