Singapore police warns Dr Chee at Burma Embassy

Starting quietlyIt’s a sunny afternoon. In front of the Burma Embassy in Singapore, a petition table was set up and a big poster of “Free Burma” with Aung San Suu Kyi’s photo was in place.

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Gandhi Ambalan and a few SDP members are wearing read T-shirts to show their support and solidarity with the people in Burma who have been viciously attacked and killed by their own government during their recent peaceful protests.

A few Burmese showed up, wearing red, to sign the petition and said they were going back to their temple to pray together with their fellow citizens living in Singapore.

He told the people present that there was a group of Burmese came to pray in front of their embassy yesterday evening. They cried and and Police cameramenquietly left afterwards, leaving behinds flowers and reeds on the ground.

Some people driving past and saw the small gathering. They waved, smiled and showed the thumb-up sign.

Singapore police showed up with video camera in hand to film the group. Two police officers stepped up to warn Dr Chee that the gathering constitutes an illegal assembly and the police will investigate it.

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