Even expatriate women in Singapore are protesting

Expatriate women wearing red to protest in Singapore. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)
Isn’t it the nadir of nadirs when foreigners in Singapore stage a protest when locals cannot?

A blogsite (http://www.instablogs.com/gallery/SIN10209281000) reported: “Expatriate women living in Singapore wear red T-shirts as part of a global action Friday, Sept. 28, 2007 in Singapore to support the brave in Myanmar. Myanmar’s deadly military crackdown prompted protests and warnings from the reclusive nation’s Asian neighbors, with China and Japan agreeing Friday to join efforts to help end the strife.”

The photography clearly shows that there were more than five persons in the gathering, that the activity was held outdoors, and that someone was giving a speech.

According to the police, such an activity is considered an unlawful assembly and also making a speech without a permit.

Of course the question on everyone’s minds must be: Did they have a permit? More important, did the police warn the group like they did with the SDP outside the Burmese embassy?

Or is the police afraid of engaging Westerners on the issue of free speech and peaceful assembly? It seems easier to intimidate locals and Burmese.

In any event, the expatriates must be commended for their initiative and courage to defy unjust and oppressive laws that deny people their right freedoms of speech and assembly.

Singaporeans must also demonstrate such courage. Come down to the Burmese embassy at St Martin’s Drive and sign the petition. The signature campaign is in its fourth day and will continue until further announced.

Note: For security purposes, only the signatures will be submitted. The signatories names will not be sent in.

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