Chee Soon Juan to hold Burma protest outside Istana

Since the police have said that two or more persons gathered outside the Istana is considered an illegal assembly, Dr Chee Soon Juan will conduct a one-man protest against Singapore’s involvement in Burma.

Last Monday, four SDP leaders Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Mr John Tan, Ms Chee Siok Chin and Dr Chee were arrested for conducting the Burma protest outside the Istana.

Starting tomorrow at 12 noon, Dr Chee will resurrect the protest. The message will be the same: No arms, no deals with the junta.

There is also the unfinished business of handing to the prime minister the letter calling on the Singapore Government to answer questions the sale of arms to Burma as well as investments in the country.

SDP leaders will be at the Istana to do this before Dr Chee commences his protest. Dr Chee’s protest will begin on 15 Oct 07 and continue until 19 Oct 07. During that time, Dr Chee will remain at the protest site.

The protest is aimed at raising awareness about Singapore’s dealings in Burma and at calling on the Government to cease its support for the Burmese generals.

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