Protest outside the Istana on!

Mr. Gandhi Ambalam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan delivered a letter at the Istana.At noon today, SDP chairman Mr. Gandhi Ambalam and Secretary General Dr. Chee Soon Juan delivered a letter urging the Singapore Government to be transparent in its dealings with the Burmese junta at the Istana. The letter was signed by more than a thousand people when SDP members and activists held an eight-day vigil outside the Burmese embassy at St Martin’s Drive that ended on 7 Oct.

Two officials of the Istana received the letter and gave their assurance that it will be delivered to the Prime Minister.

Immediately after delivering the letter, Dr. Chee embarked on his five-day protest. Holding a placard that read “No Arms, No Deals with the Junta”, he stood along the pavement across the road from the Istana whilst other party members gave out the flyer at the nearby shopping belt. A few motorists who drove by honked and gave him the thumbs-up sign. As usual, plainclothes policemen were present to record the activity.

At about 2pm, a heavy downpour accompanied by thunderstorm and lightning sent everyone scurrying for shelter, except Dr. Chee. Even the plainclothes police took cover.

Dr Chee Soon Juan's one-man protest.At about 2.45 pm, when party colleagues had left the vicinity, police accosted Dr. Chee and warned him that he needed a permit for his action under the Public Entertainment and Meetings Acts (PEMA), but left him continue with his protest.

The unprecedented one-man protest to highlight Singapore government’s links with the Burmese military junta continues at Orchard Road despite the occasional downpour.

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