I do not agree with the PM who quoted the Hippocratic Oath of doctors

Dear SDP,

I have learnt about yesterday’s afternoon arrest through the internet news and later in the evening TV news too. It is not surprising that the government has resorted to arresting the SDP Chief and the supporters again with the intention of charging in court. Honestly, I do not think such harmless protest is considered “one above the law”.

Indoor peaceful gatherings in hotel, church and local universities and outdoor silence protest are all made with the good-intention for the welfare of mankind (the monks and other victims) in Myanmar. They are under “the suppression of heresy” and the unlawful house arrest of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi for years.

I do not agree with the PM who quoted the Hippocratic Oath of doctors in supporting the “unwelcome politician visitor” for his months of staying in Singapore’s hospital in seeking treatment for Leukaemia.

No matter how, the PM should not have involved in a politician’s calculations and the dilemma in running of his own country. How are we to trust our own government that it would not act the same way when there is social unrest in Singapore?

I understand that members of the SDP had acted in silence protest only after a failed attempt to deliver the petition demanding that the PM clarify Singapore’s relationship with Myanmar’s military government. In the evening news, it was reported that a citizen of Myanmar in Singapore handed a petition to the police at the Istana.

I do not think a petition to PM would make a difference if he is not willing to reconsider the decision he has made in his authoritative manner. It will only take a whole nation to decide whether such hypocrisy should continue.

Warmest regards,


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