SDP leaders to go to police station tomorrow

Chee Soon Juan facing the Istana on Day 1...The four SDP leaders who protested outside the Istana on 8 Oct 07 will attend the Tanglin Police Station tomorrow to answer charges for illegal assembly.

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr John Tan, and Ms Chee Siok Chin were arrested by the police and were charged with Section 5 (2) Cap 184: Prohinition of Assemblies and Procession – Istana, where two or more persons gathered outside the Istana is considered an illegal assembly.

It is understood that this law was introduced after Dr Chee attempted to hold a May Day PAP (People Against Poverty) Rally outside the Istana in 2002.

They were protesting against the Singapore Government’s involvement with the Burmese military junta, demanding transparency regarding arms sales and investments.

Because of the two-or-more restriction, Dr Chee held a one-man protest from 15 Oct 07 at the same spot. Despite the fact that there was only one person, the police also declared Dr Chee’s protest as illegal.

The SDP leader ended the five-day protest on 19 Oct.
The rains come in the afternoonInto the second nightDay 3...

Police keep vigil too......and also from across the street

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