Support your fight for our freedom

Dear SDP,

Rest assured, there are others who will support your fight for our freedom,

and if yours is taken away, they will continue the fight, and if their freedom is taken away, there will be others, and on it will go.

Eventually, the free people of Singapore WILL have their way, perhaps then, despite the PAP’s numerous persecutions of people like us, we can show them the true meaning of leadership, and in their particular case, start by showing them how we can be merciful to the intolerable crimes they have committed against our society.

I have a dream, that one day, as the Australians or the Swedes do, speak with pride of the moral integrity of their country, how when times of war, or crisis arrives, the ethical and moral viewpoints held by any decent human being, are fully encouraged by their governments.

A fact that lets them be proud of their identity as citizens.

One day, I will be proud to be Singaporean, to have my country fight for truth, common sense and anything else that gives me pride at being a citizen.

My country has gone astray. Yet I do not blame it, I cannot, even if all but me follow the truths in my heart, if there is to be any hope for my Singapore.

I must persist. This is true National Service. One day, all my fellow Singaporeans will see this, and when they do, it will be a great day.


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