Take care Dr Chee & SDP Team

Dear Dr Chee & SDP Team,

I have learnt about your solo protest outside the Istana yesterday in TODAY. It was pouring yesterday afternoon and you must have weathered as seen in the photograph. I believe you are serious to stage the protest until Friday.

My brother said you are very intelligent and the only one in the opposition party who does not give up and is brave in your political battle. I understand it is not easy to stage a one-man protest from Monday to Friday for 5 days under the warm and cold weather and constraint space. You have to take care of your health like put on a hat when the heat or cold is unbearable, take proper meals and drink a lot of water as well as to exercise your limbs as sitting too long at an angle will cause backache and restrict blood circulation.

It is a contrast when the PM might not response at all and continue enjoying his oversea trips. I hope you do return home in the evening for a good night rest and sleep. The PM of Myanmar had already passed away. The political field is not easy to be changed overnight even after his death. The problem has always existed and it takes times to gradually cool things down.

Take care of yourself. You still have a long way to go, so health is important.


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