Well done SDP by revealing the regime’s repressiveness at the IBA conference

Well done SDP!

You have done us proud by revealing the regime’s repressiveness at the IBA conference.

Unfortunately, its impact is somewhat diluted by Sylvia Lim’s unusual public support for the PAP’s “system”.

I bet Jayakumar will be telling the delegates later that Dr Chee’s words are untrue as even the “main” opposition in Parliament WP supports the PAP.

Does the SDP realize that WP has been made used of, whether willingly or unwillingly by the PAP to divide the opposition in order to keep the SDP weak and unsupported.

By using the media to promote the WP while vilifying SDP, it helped drive a wedge amongst the opposition supporters. Unfortunately, there are many who are deceived by the media to support the WP instead and of course we know that WP doesn’t dare to challenge the PAP.

SDP should try to sit down and talk with WP and SDA in order to come out with a united opposition front to challenge the PAP. Your efforts will go down the drain if WP continue to parrot the stance of the regime.


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