Why do SDP wanted to support the repeal section 377A

Dear SDP,

I am wondering why do the party wanted to support the repeal section 377A when is wanted to win the Singapore people’s heart.

I wanted to bring up my kids in a pro family environment. I cannot comprehend when my kids asked my why the 2 men sitting opposite us are kissing in public?

SDP failed to realised that once the gay activists got their way, that means its freedom for them to express their sexual orientation. I do not have to have a PhD to know that its against the acts of nature.

I had been a regular swimmers to public swimming pools and never failed to spot a few weirdo lurking around the cubicles and soaping themselves facing the open cubicle door, occasionally looking at the males who were their. What are these guys up to?

These people cannot impose their sexual orientation to us that its is right. In nature, its is one way out for the faeces from the anus. And attempt to enter it will caused pains and skin breakages. That is why gays use relaxers in the anus to “enhance” their sexual life.

I am not against homosexuals but is against the act of it and its against my religious belief too. I also have a uncle who is homosexual and i do not have ill feeling against him. Just that we accepted that he is what he is. But I do not want my kids to think its normal to be gay.


p/s: I am not pro PAP.

SDP’S reply:

Dear SYM,

Thank you for writing us. One of
SDP’s fundamental tenets is the principle of basic rights and equality for all. It means that if some people are free to engage in certain activities, others must likewise be free to engage in similar activities even if they are diametrically opposed. This principle must be applied in every domain, including that of sexual orientation.

Since you are a religious person, allow us to use religion as an example. In many religions, devotees or believers typically view that it is against one’s religious belief to exercise faith in a different religion other than one’s own. Yet, very few people would advocate a law that prohibits the practice of religions they do not subscribe to.

You also argued that homosexuality is “unnatural”. Although monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism view the worship of snakes and cows as ridiculous and unnatural, none of them would call for a law that punishes the practice of Hinduism – at least not in a democratic society.

The call for the repeal of 377A is nothing more than not to make criminals of homosexuals. You may think that homosexuality is “unnatural” but that is very different from it being made a crime.

We hope we have answered your question. Otherwise, feel free to write again.

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