Sincere admiration for all your hard work and determination

Hello SDP,

I wish to express my sincere admiration for all your hard work and determination. If only the world had more people like yourselves who believe in a decent and respectful way of life, rather than the present regime in Singapore who are only interested in power, greed, and domination.

They are unfortunately supported by many western ‘free thinking’ countries who conveniently turn a blind eye for their own interests. The very best of luck in all your endeavours.


SDP’s reply:

Hello, Eugene,

Thank you for writing us. Encouragement like yours goes a long way in motivating us in our struggle for a better society. Beyond that, I wonder if you would like to help us in some tangible way. Getting involved in our activities and/or
contributing to the cause are but two of many ways you can help build a better Singapore.

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