Insulting words pasted all over outside the restaurant at 50th anniversary dinner of WP

Dear SDP,

I was one of those who bought a ticket for the 50th anniversary dinner of WP. When I arrived early, I saw posters containing “Wayang Party” and other insulting words pasted all over outside the restaurant.

Later I learnt that this was done by SDP supporters and the plan was hatched in sammyboyforum. (See report in the online citizen).

As an opposition supporter across the board, I never believed all that propaganda against SDP although I never contacted you guys. Attending the WP dinner was the first time I attended a political event. At first I don’t know if it is true but I recall SDP attacked Sylvia Lim of WP just a few days ago.

I am terribly disappointed, and disgusted, that you, the SDP would resort to this. It is very unbecoming to do this. Why don’t you tackle the PAP than a fellow opposition party? From now on I don’t whether to believe what PAP says about you guys are true anymore.

Thank you for reading this.


SDP’s reply:

Whatever criticisms Singaporeans have of another opposition party is for that party to deal with. The SDP should not be dragged into it. We have nothing to do with the episode mentioned by you. To suggest otherwise is mischievous.

The SDP concentrates our resources at promoting the rights of Singaporeans and taking the PAP to task for its exploitation and abuse of our fellow citizens.

We have been doing this for years and we will continue doing this until the PAP gives back to the people what it has robbed from them.

We do not attack other opposition parties. We respect their freedom to disagree with our views and actions.

However, we reserve our right to defend ourselves when criticisms are directed at us. This we do with reasoned argument and we do it openly on our website.

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