Offensive flyers received by Workers’ Party

Dear Dr Chee & SDP,

By now I believe you know Workers’ Party received some offensive flyers when they were celebrating their anniversary in Toa Payoh. Sources indicate that supporters of your party are behind this.

If it is true then I am disappointed with you and your party. When I registered with Sammyboy forum, I supported all opposition, and that includes SDP. But your supporters misbehaved, attacked forummers and many a time displayed double standards of engagement, and now this. I have dropped SDP from my list of opposition.

Some say PAP is behind it. I don’t think you buy that because you know they will bankrupt and sue you not give childish flyers. Some say just nicks cannot prove they are your supporters. Funny thing is, your supporters use real names. Except for thinknothing, there are Ng Ejay and Chia Tilik (past WP member) real people who participates in SDP activities in support (unless it is a different Chia). They were discussing this plot on Sammyboy forum. Need I say more?

My question is, why don’t SDP spend 100% of your resources fighting PAP instead of dedicating 50% to WP? If WP serve PAP interest, the truth will come to light. There is no need to resort to such childish antics.

I am very sure if SDP get that kind of thing happening, they will be very unhappy and blame WP or PAP. Think about it.