Breaking News: Two SDP leaders arrested, police refuse to give reason

Singapore Democrats
20 Nov 07

The police have detained Mr John Tan and Ms Chee Siok Chin. The two SDP leaders had gone to Orchard Road to witness a protest that was supposed to be conducted by a group of Burmese nationals at the ASEAN Summit.

But when they arrived at the scene, the two were surrounded by a group of police officers and prevented from walking on.

They were subsequently arrested and led to an unmarked police vehicle by W/Sgt Thean Siew Khin, Sgt Peter Chan, and Cpl Ng Chee Wei and driven away.

When asked the officers refused to say why the two party leaders were being detained.

Initially, the officers would only say that Mr Tan and Ms Chee would be taken to “your headquarters” at Serangoon Road. But halfway to the destination, a radio call came through informing the officers that the destination was incorrect.

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