Support heartedly of any movements done by your organization to promote the true democracy

Dear SDP Members,

I am from Myanmar and I have been actively studying the movements and events regarding the affairs of Myanmar inside and outside of the country. The core value of all these events is based on natural rights of being human. This aligns to the values of democracy.

I and many other people in Singapore and Myanmar wish to see our countries to be a full democratic countries which we have freedom of speech, movement, and living as long as we abide to guarding laws. We do support heartedly of any movements done by your organization to promote the true democracy within your country, which intends to benefit Citizens of Singapore and also to support Democratic reforms in Myanmar.

As I have been living under dictatorship for my life, I am hungrily looking for the True Freedom where I can speak my mind, and do my fair acts. The 55 million people in Myanmar have been living in dark life that many taking bitterly of life with no rights. They feel life is to be lived depressed as similar as chickens are lived to be culled. I have total hatred of unjustified and unfair practices of any government to their own citizens using power, no matter in Myanmar or in Singapore.

As much as I see Myanmar Junta as unfair government, I am starting to see existing Singapore Cabinet as politically injustice group from the lighter stance. They are named democratic government yet prohibiting people’s common rights and allied with gun-ruled-gangster-style junta.

I condemn the illegal detention of 2 SDP leaders while doing trip to their meal on 20th Nov 07. I condemn the interrogations and forced asking to disperse peaceful protesters who are protesting of ASEAN summit. These are total violations of basic human rights. I have doubt if they wanted to steer up a scene of violence so that they can have reason to suppress the people opposing them?

I agree with SDP’s movements and tests to existing Singapore Government how fairly they treat its own citizens. I agree with SDP’s persuasions of Government’s unfair acts to be justified, which is for the betterment of Singaporeans and those living in Singapore. I also am overwhelmingly agree of your active member’s movements regarding the quests for democratic reforms in Myanmar.

Although I am not a political person, I am sensitive of infringing my basic rights, and know which government is doing wrong with my limited capacity of knowledge. I condemn the Singapore Government’s supports of military junta which rule by gun against the people’s will.

This shows that Singapore Government accepts the unlawfulness, inhumane, illegal power acquisition. I am hopeful that one day the Singapore Government will not turned into unjustified regime.

With those reasons, I would like to show my gratitude to the brave roles of SDP members and supporters transforming Singapore into the True Democratic Country, and promote the values of Democracy to the region.


SDP’s Reply:

Dear Zey,

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement. Like the Burmese, we too are victims of a repressive regime, albeit without the bullets.

The Singapore Government is already an unjust regime. Lee Kuan Yew once threatened that if ever PAP lost an election, he would bring out the army.

So, before he rolls out the tanks, while we can, we do our best to speak up for others who cannot, such as Daw Aung Sung Suu Kyi and all your Burmese friends.

We hope the very best for you and your country.

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