Stand up and live with honour

Singapore Democrats
14 Dec 07

Two million was not enough, three million was still too little, now Mr Lee Hsien Loong wants an additional $700,000 for his annual salary. His ministers want $500,000 more. The lust is unbridled.

Without any resistance, they will continue to take as they please. In the meantime working Singaporeans bear the brunt of the escalating cost of living.

This is a classic example of those in power milking the masses for their own gain. It is nothing new. Ancient Rome did it, Imperial China was a master at it, and Medieval Europe were brazen about it.

While the rulers lived in opulence and planned grand designs for their children and grandchildren, the common folk toiled in despair and uncertainty.

While they received the best health treatments at little expense, the people compromised their health because of burdensome costs.

While they acquired land through their riches, the poor were forced to lease their homes and went into debt.

They put on solemn faces and tell the commoner that they are doing it for the good of the country. They frighten the folk that without their leadership, instability will result. If the people still resist, they resort to brute force to maintain obedience.

Deception, fear-mongering, intimidation and force are the favoured tactics.

This is why democracy was invented.

The people want to stop the exploitation and they want to have control over those who govern them. They want justice. They want to be able to get rid of rulers when corruption and greed set in.

Democracy allows the people to do that. It gives power and it can take away power.

But democracy means more than just voting. It means that people have the right – not privilege – to peaceful assembly and speech. And when we find ourselves treated like the common people in the Roman Empire, Imperial China or Medieval Europe, it is time to assemble.

People must know that freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are more than good. They are necessary. Necessary for our livelihood and well-being.

A people who remain silent and afraid to act despite the lies told to them and, worse, knowing that they are being lied to cannot prosper. For people who live in fear live in shame.

It is time to stand up and live with honour. Contact us.

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