Join us for a New Year get-together and planning for 2008

Singapore Democrats
26 Dec 07

New Year's eve gathering in 2006The SDP is organising a New Year get-together with all our friends and supporters this Saturday, 29 Dec 07.

We are aware that there is little to celebrate in 2008 with all the hikes in fees and fares. The only people who are celebrating are the ministers who have just given themselves a 21 percent pay increase.

The prime minister is away on an extended holiday. And why not? With $50,000 more in his monthly salary, any one would celebrate.

But what about the people? With consumer prices expected to reach new highs, there is tension and apprehension all around.

The Singapore Democrats will get together with all our fellow Singaporeans who want to do something about these rapacious policies and to dedicate ourselves to fighting for a just and equitable society in the coming year.

We will use the evening to make plans for a campaign on cost-of-living issues which the SDP will undertake in 2008. We want your views and input.

Only when we are intelligent citizens conscientiously and actively engaged in public action can we ever hope to achieve social and economic justice for our fellow citizens, our loved ones and ourselves.

We are witnessing a steady increase in the tempo of political and civil activism in Singapore. Without a doubt, the movement for democracy is still in its embryonic stage but the progress is unmistakable.

In 2007 itself, we are encouraged to see a string of nonviolent protests conducted by civil society activists. There is much to be proud and optimistic about for the campaign can only grow.

The year will culminate in a protest at Centrepoint Shopping Centre at 6:00 pm, which the SDP encourages all Singaporeans to participate. This is similar to the one in Sep this year when protesters wore black to signal their opposition to the proposed compulsory annuity scheme.

After the Centrepoint protest, make your way down to our New Year gathering and join us for a simple buffet dinner for $10 on Saturday starting at 7:30 pm.

If you wish to attend our dinner please send us an email at and we will furnish you with further information.

We look forward to seeing you and to spending a meaningful evening with you on Saturday. Remember, we must be the change we want to see.

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