Thanks for the informative forum the SDP organised

Dear SDP,

That was an informative forum the SDP organised. I am too shy to speak in public so I usually keep quiet. However, I bought 2 books after the forum, so I can help spread the message by passing the books around. I asked about the latest book by Dr Chee (A Nation Cheated) as well, but was told the hard copy would only come out later.

Dr Chee mentioned that a Committee will be set up and those with the right skills could chip in their effort. Well, I am in. Actually, I have been using the internet to spread the message even before the Election Reform Forum, so I consider myself to be already in. One of his suggestions was to get bloggers to help. Don’t forget those cyber-activists without blogs too.

One action we could take is to force the PAP into an engagement with us. The print media may not want to publish our message initially, but I notice that if things reach a certain boiling point in the cyber world, they will react. Like during the Wee Shu Min saga. With concerted action from cyber-activists (who need not reveal their real names or faces), we could generate waves and waves of dissenting voices on the forums and blogs. Not just the local forums, but political forums based overseas too. When things reach a certain pitch, the print media will be forced to reply and the PAP will have to answer our questions.

S. C.

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