Thanks for the public forum on electoral reform on 20 Jan

Hello SDP,

Thank you for organizing the public forum on electoral reform on 20 Jan. All speakers delivered their ideas passionately and sincerely. Now that we have a clear idea of the deficiencies in our electoral process and the government’s total lack of accountability to the people, the time for real work has begun.

An issue which was not adequately covered in the public forum was what changes we should propose to replace the present GRC system.

It is clear to me that while the PAP claims the GRC system is to ensure sufficient representation by minority candidates, the truth of the matter is that the GRC system is the incumbent party’s means of making it harder for the opposition to win seats.

The issue of higher and higher election deposits (currently $13,500 per candidate) also has to be addressed. Should we go back to single member wards?

Should we incorporate some degree of Proportionate Representation similar to what is being practiced, for example, in the Hong Kong parliamentary system?

These are just a couple of ideas I would like to throw to members of the electoral reform committee for deliberation.

My writeup of the public forum as well as additional photographs can be found at:


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