The Online Citizen’s = PAP?

Dear Dr Chee,

I understood that you have given an interview to The Online Citizen’s Mr Andrew Loh recently.

In case you are not aware of the background of him and The Online Citizen, let me shed you some light.

Mr Andrew Loh used to be a fervent PAP member/supporter till he suddenly made a switch to WP in 2005 under mysterious circumstances.

The Online Citizen was started by him in 2006 which is now handed over to Choo Zheng Xi, a second year law undergraduate.

Choo Zheng Xi is an elected grassroots leader of the Buona Vista CCC under the PA. As you may already know, the Chairman of the PA is none other than PM Lee himself. Mr Choo also wrote in his blog that he aspired to join the civil service in the future.

You may be surprised to know that the other Co-Editor of The Online Citizen is Mr Ephraim Loy, a YPAP member whom Mr George Yeo blogs with. Mr Loy is also a a member of the Bedok Reservoir-Punggol CCC.

The other prominent members of TOC with links to the establishment are Mr Yeo Toon Joo, an ex-ST journalist and Mr Gerald Giam, a committee member of the Media Development Authority.

The Online Citizen has been vilified by many netizens for its links with the establishment with many suspecting it to be an affront for the authorities to monitor and manage the internet.

In your interview with Andrew Loh, he has deliberately hijacked your forum to promote a long-forgotten WP manifesto in 2006 to mislead readers to think that WP is the orginator of the call for election reforms while in reality, it’s ideas were all copied from its ex-SG JBJ.

An alternative news blog – the SgPolitics ( has been set up by prominent internet activist Ng E Jay and Chia Ti Lik to counter the propaganda of TOC.

I beseech you not to grant any more interviews to TOC and Andrew Loh as not only are they making use of you for their own hidden agenda, your credibility in the eyes of opposition supporters will also be undermined by your association with them.


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