Public speaking trial resumes tomorrow

The trial of Dr Chee Soon Juan and Mr Yap Keng Ho resumes at the Subordinate Court tomorrow after a break of more than two months.

The two men are charged with speaking in public without a permit during the 2006 elections at the Woodlands MRT Station. This is the second of a total of eight charges piled on Dr Chee and Mr Yap.

The trial commenced in November last year but had to be adjourned when the hearing took longer than expected. The protracted proceedings resulted from police witnesses presenting contradictory testimony (read here).

It was also discovered that the Deputy Public Prosecutor had communicated with his witnesses about the evidence while they had yet to take the stand.

The defendants will make their case at the resumption of the trial. Dr Chee insists that the police under the direction of the PAP Government continues to deny the SDP permits to speak to Singaporeans in public out of partisan discrimination.

The police are also selectively prosecuting the opposition while choosing to ignore individuals and groups affilitated to the Government for conducting similar activities.

The hearing will continue at Subordinate Court No. 15 at 9:30 am tomorrow.  

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