Tak bolek tahan!

Tak boleh tahan! Loosely translated: “I can’t take it anymore!” That’s the theme for the protest rally this Saturday.

If you feel the way we do and you don’t want to take it lying down anymore, put on a red T-shirt and join us at Parliament House by the Singapore River.

The prices of basic foodstuff like rice, cooking oil, bread, milk powder, sugar, etc have all shot up.

Bus, MRT and taxi fares have all gone up.

Fuel prices have skyrocketed.

The Government’s raising of the GST to 7 percent and its setting up of ERP gantries all over the island have all contributed to the inflation rate that is at its highest in a quarter of a century.

The result is that the crushing burden on working folks gets even more unbearable.

Our elderly poor continue to break their backs just to eke out a miserable existence. Many cannot even afford three square meals, some even having to live off scraps on hawker centre tables.

The PAP’s young, arrogant, and heartless ministers then tell them that they should forget about retiring.

What about our workers? They are made to work harder and longer, and for less pay. Many of them have to sign contracts that don’t allow medical leave, no bonuses, and demand 72-hour-work weeks.

They have no unions to speak for them as the NTUC is headed by a PAP minister.

The problem is worsened by the indiscriminate taking in of foreign workers to compete with Singaporeans to suppress wages.

Despite all of this, the ministers brazenly help themselves to an 85 percent increase in salaries last year with the prime minister paying himself more than $300,000 a month!

The PAP is like a grotesque monkey on our backs, keeping Singaporeans bent and strangulated.

We know many of you are incensed. We know you cannot take this anymore. Tak boleh tahan!

As citizens you don’t have to keep quiet. You can demonstrate your anger in a peaceful manner at Saturday’s rally. If fact it is your duty to stand up and speak out.

At the same time, the Singapore Democrats are launching our Campaign Against Repression and Exploitation of Singaporeans 2008 (CARES ’08).

The Tak Boleh Tahan! protest rally will kick-off the SDP CARES ’08. As consumers of many of the Government’s services, we have the right to demand fair prices, and to put a stop to the exploitative price hikes of the PAP Government.

There comes a time when we have to stop talking and start doing. Remember, we reap what we sow.

Event: Tak Boleh Tahan! Protest Rally
Date: 15 Mar 08, Saturday
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: Parliament House beside Singapore River
Attire: Red top
Contact us at
: speakup@singaporedemocrat.org

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